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Meet Ian*, our beloved 3 legged calf! 

 Ian was brought to us when his mother was discovered dead on the pasture. Ian was only a few days old. He had some bad cuts on one leg and was not walking on it, but he sure was thirsty! He drank and drank from a bottle of milk we gave him! He slept every night in our kitchen to keep him safe from the weather and predators. Awaking every morning to his adorable, hungry, baby-calf cry for milk was so heart-warming. His leg had been broken  in several places, though, and was unable to be saved. Even though his leg fell right off into our lap one day, his amazing sweetness and love never waned! We made him crutches out of paint sticks, which you can see in the photo, as he meets some other cows for the first time. Those paint sticks helped him walk for 2 whole months! He was so happy and tenderly sweet every single day. One day, he let us know that he would be leaving soon, but that we should not be sad. He came into our lives to help us, even though it looked like the other way around. Because of this precious baby, we finally created this website to share his story and the pictures of just some of the many precious cow beings who have blessed our lives over the years by just knowing them... Forever, we will be deeply grateful to our adopted son, Ian, whom we love so very much and to the many, many cow beings who we are so honored to call our dear friends!

*Ian is named after Ian Boccio of 'Blue Spirit Wheel', a great friend and musician, for helping us save our cows' lives! Thank you Ian!   


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